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Investing24 Review

Investing24 Review: Is It Legit or Another Regulated Scam? [2022 Update]

A professional-looking website is all a trading broker needs to hook its victim’s attention and win their trust. Investing24 looks too good to the eye, but is it legit or just another regulated scam? 

This article will take you through an in-depth review of Investing24, which will help you know whether your money is in safe hands or at risk of loss with no return. 

You’ll also judge by the customer reviews whether the support expected will be a pleasant experience and if monetary transactions within the platform will be a smooth sail. 

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Let’s dive into the details of the Investing24 site and find out if it’s genuine. 

What Is Investing24? 

Investing24 is a brand name operating under FxNet Limited, a Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) based in Dubai that offers forex and CFD financial trading services online. 

At Investing24, just like in many other FX firms, you can trade using MetaTrader 4 (MT4), one of the most popular trading platforms in the industry. We’ll talk more about it and what it offers, but first…

How Legit is Investing24?

Investing24 assures customers of secure trading services understanding how forex trading is a high-risk business. 

It openly quotes that “86% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with the provider.” It cautions its users to only invest money they can afford to lose. 

This open declaration makes it look honest and transparent in its deals. However, we can only unravel the truth behind Investing24 by assessing its operations and how satisfied customers are with the service. 

Investing24 Trading Accounts

It has three trading accounts branded “Bronze”, “Silver”, and “Gold”, each offering various packages at different prices. 

The screenshot below shows a glimpse of what the site claims to offer.

Trading accounts

The offered packages look similar in all three accounts, but it’s interesting how the “Bronze” account excludes the 24/5 brokerage support from the package. 

This looks fishy as customer support for this kind of high-risk investment is essential and mandatory. This is a sign the platform may be a scam and that the intention behind this arrangement is to force interested customers to part with more money.

The huge difference in price range across all three accounts is also questionable. Starting with a minimum deposit of $500 for the “Bronze” account, $2,000 for “Silver”, and jumping to a whopping $20,000 for the “Gold” account. Clearly suspicious. 

Is Investing24 Regulated?

Investing24 is a regulated entity authorized for operations by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered under FxNet Ltd with the license number 182/12.

Investing24 CySEC Regulation

However, FxNet Ltd is a company based in Dubai, meaning it seeks to target customers in the UK but acts as an offshore broker. 

Operating outside European borders is another reason to raise your eyebrow before putting in your money. 

Telltale Signs Investing24 Is a Scam

Here’s the thing:

There’s just so much that’s not right at Investing24. Let’s check out some of the things that don’t add up.

1. The Most Recent Negative Customer Reviews

The best way to unravel the unscrupulous activities of these scam traders is to check honest reviews from real customers.

Look at these screenshots highlighting complaints customers raise when they tried using this service. These are comments posted on Trustpilot

Investing24 scam
Investing24 calling too much.

The following are common characteristics or patterns noticed from the scammers:

  • Constant phone calls without the customer’s consent
  • Dishonest sales recommendations that provoke fear and an urgent need to quickly part with your money. For example, in one comment, a customer complained about how a saleslady tried to manipulate her into signing up because of the upcoming Amazon 20 stock split that would earn her healthy profits. The salesperson was only after the money and not the customer’s best interests. 
  • Taking advantage of customers who are not familiar with financial concepts
  • Difficulty accessing and making further transactions using the account once money is deposited 
  • Frustrating customer service
  • Theft of funds from faithful customers

2. Investing24 Scam Alert

This site, as shown in the screenshot below, is blacklisted at ScamDoc with a “very bad trust index” rating. 

3. Massive Negative Reviews of Parent Company FxNet Ltd

Investing24 is registered under FxNet Ltd, a CIF that offers forex and CFD trading services. As you can see, reviews posted by tons of traders on Forex Peace Army express disappointment while using the service.

Here are a few comments posted by experienced clients:

Bonus issues.
Terrible service

These are just a few selected reviews from customers using this service. If the parent company is a scam, then definitely all other brokers registered under it are frauds.

If you check the FCA site, FxNet Ltd seems to have ceased operations due to the overwhelmingly negative customer reviews. It’s also no longer listed in the FCA registry.

Not listed in FCA

4. Seemingly Fake Positive Reviews 

Scammers know the first place potential customers run to before signing up for a deal is the reviews. And so, some companies create a couple of fake positive reviews to impress on you how “other customers” are benefiting from the platform. 

The first one looks genuine, but is not clear and doesn’t provide details of solid profits gained from trading on the platform.

Some of these reviews look overly generalized and non-specific — a common case with fake positive reviews.

Fake reviews
Fake positive reviews
Possibly fake review

5. No Social Media Presence

We all know how social media is the best market for showcasing and selling products. 

The Investing24 trading platform, however, has a physical address located in Cyprus. 

The only way to communicate with the company is through email or phone numbers posted in the “Contact Us” section. Lack of social media presence is a common red flag for fraudulent brokers. 

No social media presence.

Investing24 Review Conclusion: It’s a Scam, Avoid it Like the Plague!

From the review above, we can conclude that Investing24 is an outright scam. You should avoid it at all costs and ignore the perpetrators in case they contact you. 

Save yourself from numerous heartaches and invest your money where you can get good returns in the long term. 

It’s also essential to partner with a good-willed broker with solid experience in the online trading industry to clearly distinguish between legit platforms and fraudulent scams.

Did you lose your money mysteriously through Investing24? We can help you recover your funds. Book a free consultation session with us. You can trust our team of experts who’ve helped tons of investors retrieve their money from fraudsters. 


Alan Tepfer

Alan Tepfer has been a pioneer of funds recovery for the victims of online trading scam victims for almost five years. His experience in chargebacks, online trading, and banking spans for close to a decade.

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